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2.4 How to Effectively Work with Older Students with Dyslexia

Season #2

One of those topics we get asked about all the time is how to work with older students who are challenged by reading and writing. How can we work with them effectively? How can we give them what they need while also honoring where they are in their learning journey?

In this episode, we will dig in and talk about our own experiences with working with older students. We have both been so lucky to work with a wide variety of students across all age groups and grades. The beauty of Orton-Gillingham is that it works for so many different ages and grades!

Tune in as we share our perspective and give you actionable tips you can use to work with older students with dyslexia while remaining mindful of the social-emotional piece.

Hang around until the end when we tackle a question about tutor-parent collaboration!

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