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Season 1, Episode 8: How Decodable Texts Support Social-Emotional Learning

Season #1

What are decodable texts? They are the reading stepping stones necessary for reading authentic text. When we’re talking about decodable texts, we are referring to passages, readers, and chapter books. And that’s exactly what we’re talking about in this episode, how decodable texts can support your student’s social-emotional learning!

Tune in to this episode to find out exactly what makes a text decodable, what the benefits of using a decodable text are, and how using a decodable text with your students supports social-emotional learning.

Stick around until the end as we answer one of the most common questions we get asked: How long do students stay with decodable texts?

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

Stepping Stones visual aid Part 1 and Part 2

Decodable Reading Passages

Decodable Text Resource List

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Please note this correction: During independent reading, children need to be at least 95 percent accurateThe desired accuracy rate is 98 percent.

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