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Meet Emily & Casey

As two literacy/dyslexia specialists, we've come together to talk about literacy, dyslexia, and the connection to the social-emotional impact it has on our students, their families, and the educators who serve them. 

Hi! I'm Emily Gibbons.

I'm a mom of four and an educator who loves creating, sharing, and talking about all things literacy! As a Certified Orton-Gillingham Educator and Dyslexia Specialist, I strive to provide resources to assist teachers, families, and children with all aspects of structured literacy and dyslexia.

Hi! I'm Casey Harrison.

I'm a mama, dyslexia therapist, and educator. I LOVE teaching students, families, and educators about all things related to dyslexia.

Teaching and education are embedded deep in my soul and encompass much of who I am. Linking researched-based best practices rooted in the science of reading with social + emotional learning to provide the best outcomes for dyslexic learners is what I am all about!