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2.3 Why Students with Dyslexia Struggle with Homework with Cindy Hall

Season #2

In this episode, we’re joined by the incredible Cindy Hall.

Mrs. Cindy Hall is the founder and director of Cindy Hall Consulting and Mustard Seed Tutoring and the author of Dyslexia Friendly Classroom professional development. It is her passion to help struggling students identify why they are struggling and architect a plan for success.

Cindy is excited to work with individual students in a tutoring setting or to help teachers understand the characteristics of dyslexic students and best practices that are vital for dyslexic learners, yet good for all students. 

Cindy was the founding director of the Dyslexia Center at Lindsay Lane Christian Academy, which she directed for a decade before retiring from full-time school-setting work. She has 17 years of classroom teaching experience with elementary students and another 17 years focused on teaching dyslexic learners. 

She is a graduate of Faith Baptist Bible College with postgraduate work in special education at Iowa State University as well as many hours of training in the Orton-Gillingham approach for dyslexic learners. 

In this episode, we speak with Cindy about the biggest challenges dyslexic learners and their families face, why children with dyslexia struggle with homework, and some of the best strategies you can use to help them with homework.

Tune in as we share 5 tips for parents to help their dyslexic children with homework and 5 strategies for teachers to help dyslexic students in their classrooms.

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