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Summer Reading List for Parents and Teachers

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Summer is precious and we want you to take some time for pleasure reading. But one thing we know is that teachers love to learn. 

So, before you devour this list, think about your goals for this summer. Is there something that you found yourself wishing you’d had more time to learn about during the school year? Take some time to be reflective about where you might have some gaps in your own education and what you are interested in learning more about. 

We suggest you look at this list as a selection tool, not a challenge to get through them all. If there is one thing you want to dive deeper into, choose that book and explore. Take it piece-by-piece and find the things that will benefit you and that you can put into place in the fall when you meet back up with your students.  

Bonus Idea: Look into joining or starting a discussion group with fellow teachers or parents. 


Here are 7 books that parents and teachers can read this summer:

1. Unlocking Literacy by Marcia Henry

This book is a great place to start if you're looking for overall research into the Science of Reading. It covers all of the components that you’re going to need. It offers tips and ideas as well as strategies to implement with students. This book will ground you in what structured literacy really looks like. 

2. Structured Literacy Interventions by Louise Spear-Swerling

This book is a collection of articles about teaching students with reading difficulties in grades K-8. It will dive deeper into what exactly intervention might look like. It will map out exactly how that will look for you in your classroom and in your small group instruction. 

3. Overcoming Dyslexia by Sally Shaywitz

If you are just beginning to dive into dyslexia, this book is the deep dive you need! It is a heavy read with lots of knowledge. It is our number one recommendation to parents and educators.  

4. Conquering Dyslexia by Jan Hasbrouck

This book is shorter than the recommendation above, but it is going to provide you with a lot of great information about dyslexia. This is also one of the places we recommend you begin if you are just starting to dive into dyslexia. 

5. Reader Come Home by Maryanne Wolf 

During the pandemic, we all had to learn how to teach and/or learn online. There are some amazing benefits to that but we also need to be mindful of how constant reading on our screens actually impacts our reading brains. This book dives into the research on this topic. 

It’s a great read if you or your children are at a school where there is heavy use of electronics like Chromebooks. It will offer a great perspective on balancing paper and pencil with computers. It is eye-opening, for sure!

6. The Knowledge Gap by Natalie Wexler

This book has gotten a lot of discussion in education circles. It really drives home the importance of having background knowledge and how we build that in our classrooms. 

This is a great pick for a campus book study! Especially if your district is looking to make some curriculum changes.

7. The Writing Revolution by Judith Hochman and Natalie Wexler

This book is excellent if you want to learn more about breaking down the writing process in a thoughtful and structured way. The tips in this book won’t just benefit children who struggle with reading and writing, but all students. 

This is a book parents can read and implement with their children at home. 

Looking for More?

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