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3.5 Using Your Gifts in Your Own Way to Make an Impact in this World with Erika Lopez

Season #3

In this special episode, we’re joined by Erika Lopez for a conversation about using our gifts in our own way to make an impact in this world!

Erika was raised in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C. by her mother, an immigrant from Guatemala. She attended college at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville.

She started her career in finance in Washington D.C. but realized the thing she liked discussing most with her clients was their philanthropic vision and plan. So she left finance to work in the non-profit industry for the next twelve years. 

Erika moved to North Carolina eight years ago with her husband and two children.

About five years ago, Erika began writing memoirs and essays based on her childhood experiences and began sharing her writings on a blog she named Landings.

This year, she released her first book, The Adventures of Amazing Grace a children's chapter book she created with her daughter.

Connect with our guest, Erika Lopez! Visit her website and her blog. Or, find her on Instagram.

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