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2.11 How to Keep Your Eye on the Goal in Intervention

Season #2

Learning to read proficiently is not an easy task for most students without explicit, systematic instruction. Current US reading scores indicate that 67% of all 4th graders are reading at basic or below basic levels. This fact is leading to many conversations about how we teach reading, what is necessary for classroom instruction, and how we help struggling readers.

We know that early readers, whether they are identified with dyslexia or not, really need appropriate instruction in the elements of word recognition, phonemic awareness, knowledge of phoneme and grapheme correspondence, and accuracy and automaticity of reading and spelling of words in the text to help them break that reading code.

In this episode, we’re sharing tips for how you can keep your eye on the goals of your interventions.

Tune in for five BIG areas of focus that will lead to BIG wins in your interventions.

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