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3.10 Effective Vocabulary Strategies in Literacy Intervention

Season #3

Imagine being a learner who is new to English. Someone says to you, "Can you lend me a hand?” Imagine what that learner is processing. First, it’s a question. Second, think about the word lend. Do I know what that means? Third, lend a hand. Does that mean they literally want one of my hands? 

In just one sentence, we’ve highlighted the essentials of language acquisition.  A well-developed vocabulary is not only important in our conversations but also in the academic setting. For our challenged learners with dyslexia, their listening and speaking vocabulary might be very good, but when it comes to reading and writing, that’s where they need further support. 

In this episode, we’re going to dig into the eight essential components of vocabulary instruction under the lens of literacy intervention. 

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