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Season 1, Episode 12: The Importance of Building Teacher Knowledge and The Peter Effect

Season #1

Have you heard of the Peter Effect? The Peter Effect comes from a Bible story in which Peter states, “I can not give what I do not have.” Applied to the classroom, we cannot help our students without the knowledge, training, or support that we need.

In this episode, we dive deep into the Peter Effect. We also discuss the importance of knowledge as educators. When we deeply understand something, we are able to speak with clarity.

Tune in for an in-depth analysis of the Peter effect as it pertains to teacher preparation, the science of reading, and ways in which we can work towards bridging the research into practice.

We also address a listener question: “What can I do when my administration demands that I do the science of reading without any support or materials?”

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

The Peter Effect: Reading habits and attitudes of preservice teachers - Applegate & Applegate 2004

Peter Effect in the Preparation of Reading Teachers - Emily Binks-Cantrell, Erin K. Washburn, R. Malatesha, & Martha Hougen

National Reading Panel - 2000

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